Hallu, bloggers and random passer-bys, my name’s The Daughter. Okay, no. Technically, I am. You get my drift.

Anyways, for my first ever gaming-related-segment-review-kind-of-thing, I’ll be briefly prattling about a game I noticed, by sheer serendipity.

Magic Tree. [Oh] Magic Tree. Even the name has a mysteriously alluring sound to it. I mean, literally says what’s in the can. The game is basically about Magic Trees, hence, Magic Tree. (Tree-ception anyone?)

Not many apps out there in Google Play or even Apple can catch my attention since I’m a very picky player. But naturally, I still like the games which are simple and fun to play. And this little candy right here seemed like a good start.

So I downloaded it and started playing. Pure moe everywhere. I can almost taste diabetes from the cuteness…

Just by looking at the thumbnails, I knew I was gonna download it. I mean, c’mon. If I see a game that goes along the lines of ‘Once a Upon a Time’ feel to it, I’m there. And this was no exception. The game was produced by Com2uS USA, Inc., who has a reputation for making those addictive games such as ‘Golf Star’, ‘Heroes War’, ‘9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball’ and ‘The Mansion: A Puzzle of Rooms’, some of which I’ve played but not exactly hooked on yet.

– – – –


All about the game:

*Fun factor-

Don’t be deceived. It’s not some boring game where you make trees grow and menial things like that. It’s along the same lines though. The great thing about this game is that you’ll never get bored of it. No matter how long you wait. You just can’t. There’s always a tiny surprise waiting for you every time you log in! Given that its a 3D social game, expect there to be countless people just waiting to befriend you and sent you gufts and requests. There’s also the custom Avatar of yours just waiting to prance around your little village.


The gameplay isn’t too hard to grasp, even if you’re just a newbie to such games. It’s easy, really, since everything is tap with a finger and drag. Though occasionally, when your screen isn’t calibrated and/or the app isn’t compatible with your phone’s OS system, then you have a BIG problem awaiting you. If the screen is too sensitive to your touch, it just gets annoying and if your not a patient person with time…then you still have a problem waiting things out.


Eye-candy cuties meet anime fandom. For real. I like all things cutesy and anime, but there was also Country Story on Facebook. Didn’t keep me occupied for long. I eventually got bored of it. But here, in Magic Tree, I’m seeing plenty of similarities but I’m not bored of it at all. This game has never ending surprises. So if you’re into the cute and colorful graphics, then you’ll like this game for sure.


Magic Tree’s OSTs are rather fun and cutesy and pleasing to the ears. Although repetitive by nature, the music just sounds lovely. Sometimes, I’d stop moving about just to listen to the music. Its like being left in a world of fairy tales. Its just amusing.

– – – –

And that’s basically it! I can’t delve too much into the game since its better to play it for yourself. Go on and discover the game for yourself. Who knows? You might even get addicted to it like me 🙂

I know I’m ineffectively trying to sound normal when I’m writing this review but, that’s like asking me to sit still and stay quiet for two minutes. Never the best results…but, yeah. Everyone has a first time for everything. I’ll do better eventually. So until then, please keep bearing with me.

Le Petite Prima Donna  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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