This is a post from my daughter 🙂

It’s been well, over a week or more, and I noticed that I haven’t even bothered to post anything here besides saying ‘hi’ to everyone.

Well, here I am again. So, yes. Hi.

Lately, there has been nothing occupying my time but watching and school. (My daily routine, sadly.) But,  just earlier today, my dad finally came home from the Philippines. I’m happy he’s here, yet I don’t like the idea of having to share the TV again after claiming it while he wasn’t there to shoo me away. There goes my drama series…

Anyways, besides that, I’ve been waiting for the things he brought home with him, so I should just be happy he’s here. Usually, having food as a coming home gift can easily make my day, even if its a small token. This time, he managed to make me more than happy. My dad made me have a spaz attack all the way to my room.


Why? Because my aunt was so nice enough to buy me one of my true dream gifts: a pocket watch. And not just any pocket watch, an ANIME POCKET WATCH.

For an otaku, that’s technically one of the few best things you could possibly ever hope of getting your spazzing hands on. And what made my reaction worse was because it was of a recent anime I’ve taken a liking to.

My reaction escalated.

Anyways, before I go and spam this post with more crappy .gifs, I’ll just post the pictures.

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Now I’m off to go play with my dazzling new baby, so farewell~
Le petite prima donna  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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