I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this but I’m not very happy with my husband’s and my decision to transfer her to another school. She already spent half of her life in her former school and she was happy. The decision had to be made because she will go back to the Philippines for her university studies and her British curriculum is not acknowledged back home.

So, the inevitable happened. We had to transfer her to another school that is accredited back home and no one in the family is happy about it. I have nothing against the school but like any parent, we have our preferences. We wanted the best for our daughter and completing her high school in the British school is one of our dreams for her.

Socially, she’s having fun. She even likes her classmates and teachers and I think and feel that is a step forward. However, I have learned that there’s someone in her class who hates her and her other friend who happened to be from the former British school as my daughter was. Not that this “boy” is bullying my daughter and her friend, it’s just that, I find it really weird that my daughter had to tell me she can’t remember saying or doing anything untoward against this fellow to be the subject of his “hate.”

Why hate? I asked myself too? Hate is such a strong word, don’t you think. I felt a tight tug in my heart but as a mother, I cannot be swayed and be biased about the whole thing. I just told her shrug her shoulder and move on. I even told her not to “hate” the other fellow but instead, pray for him. He’s probably a lost kid and full of insecurities in life. I also told her not to be mean to the other guy just because he doesn’t like her. Just be herself and not to mind him.

I feel sad hearing this. My daughter is a very well-liked kid back in her old school and I feel she deserves the same kind treatment she gives others as well, whether she is new or not. I hope she doesn’t get branded “the girl from the British school” in her new school just because she doesn’t speak Tagalog that much. It’s not her fault and she and her friend certainly doesn’t need that kind of treatment.

Anyway, my kiddo is a trooper. She normally doesn’t sulk nor show any feelings of hurt. She’s one tough cookie. I just hope she’s not internalizing everything because I want her to have fun in her new environment.

How would you react if you knew someone’s hating your kid in school?

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