We love going out as family all the time. We just want to enjoy each other’s company even if my daughter is starting to have her own set of friends and hang-outs with her clicks. My husband also does his “night-out-with-boys” every weekend. However, this 3 days of Eid holidays brought us together because we wanted to enjoy the holidays malling!

Yes, mall hopping or malling is one of our pastime here in Dubai. We have been in the place for 14 years now so we have already explored most of the places here. Eid holidays is a different matter when it comes to mall hours. For the past year, the malls have participated in the government’s initiative to extend mall hours up to 2 a.m. from the 10th to the days leading to the eid period. And on the 15th to 16th of October (which is today and tomorrow), the malls will be opened for 24 hours straight.


 3 gaggling girls at IHOP 🙂

We have been driving around for the past 2 nights, staying up late, gallivanting in the big malls and soaking the festivities. We were at Dubai Mall last night until 1 a.m. with the hubby my daughter and 2 of her close friends. It was fun listening to my daughter and her friends yap the whole time. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear them talk and talk and talk some more just like the Duracell bunny. My husband was pretty amused. He even asked, “will they ever get tired talking?” To which I quipped, “Nope.” 🙂

Well, it was fun and we hope we can do this every day but it’ll be costly too. I’m just glad that we got to spend this Eid holidays with the family and friends. At least, even if we didn’t go out of the country, we had a fabulous time!

Happy Eid to everyone! Enjoy your family time!

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