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My September Free Promo

For those who still does not know, I am an independent distributor of Nu Skin products. I enjoy being one because it adds extra to my savings.

My favorite product and a very hot seller one is the AP24 Fluoride Whitening Toothpaste. For my clients in the UAE, I am offering a FREE BAMBOO toothbrush (which usually costs $9!). I can only offer the free product in the UAE for now and hopefully, I will eventually offer the same promo to my other clients worldwide.

So, start ordering and get your Bamboo toothbrush with your AP24 toothpaste now! Just message me at mommaglama at yahoo dot com to order. Shipping cost has been reduced to AED 15 for all of UAE so take advantage of that great saving!

To know more about the AP24 Fluoride Whitening Toothpaste and why it is so special and a hotseller, check my review here:



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September 9, 2017

Taking the Opportunity

They said, “Opportunity knocks only once.” In my case, it had knocked many times before but I kept mum about opening the door. I am either scared or I just don’t have faith as big as a mountain. Either way, I have let many opportunities pass only to regret later in my life.

There are opportunities that I have gladly accepted but I stirred my boat wrongly. I didn’t give much thought about them and was half-heartedly committing only because they became more of an obligation than something I could enjoy with.

I even prayed for opportunities to come my way. I answered some but then again, I was not putting my effort. I was rushing. I was impatient. I wanted to see results right away.

This time, the opportunity came when I least expected it. My friend actually approached me to review the products she is offering because I am a blogger and I do product reviews as well. So I said yes. Then I asked questions about the products, she gave me information about them and next thing I know it, I am a part of her team. Yes. It was a lengthy conversation about beauty and skin care products that got me hooked and I am glad that I did.

The thing is, I am a very skeptical person. I am very analytical, and I must understand every detail of something before I can put my personal stamp on it. In this case, I have heard of the brand before. I was still young when I heard of it. And because then, the brand seemed so elusive and exclusive, I didn’t give much thought about it. Until I became a part of the same brand I tried avoiding. Again, I am glad I signed up. I am still learning the ropes because I am just 3 weeks old in the company but I know one day, I can become a leader here. I would love that!

You see, opportunities like this one comes rarely in your lifetime. You either let it pass or you grab it by the horns. I have let this pass before and it came back to me unexpectedly. I did pray for God’s guidance and providence to lead me to a good opportunity where I can see myself, my family, my friends, and my new found teammates grow. And if there’s one thing I have learned about this whole process is to take the opportunities that come your ways as blessings. Not everyone has been given that honor to respond to a calling, no matter what that is.

It’s too early to say what will happen. I am just being very hopeful and positive. I feel I deserve this break after what I have been through. I am also praying that I will continue to enjoy this new endeavor for a long, long time.

Thanks to Nu Skin for giving me something to hope for. I pray that all my dreams will come true with your help.

The road to success is still long, and far. But I know someday, I will surely get there.



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May 6, 2017

The Quest For A Passive Income

When I was younger, I don’t even know what a “passive income” is until I reached my 40s. I happen to hear it from one of the seminars I have attended in the past regarding networking and earning from that scheme. I must say, the promise of networking and earning from that method was quite alluring BUT it was difficult recruiting people especially when you need to cash out something to get in.

That was my first brush up with passive income. I made a small amount through networking and selling products via networking and direct selling scheme. Honestly, none of them gave me that promise of earning exponentially without putting so much effort and time. I have to consider my regular work too so networking is not for me, unless I really believe and use the product or service I am offering.

It’s 2016 already. I am still in search of something to while a way my time and earn at the same time while using my God-given talent. Crafting stickers wasn’t really a big hit in this part of the world unless I live somewhere in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia where people really appreciate handmade stuff. I am crafty but I don’t have the market here. What can be the best business to venture to with my talents? I love blogging and it’s one of my regular passive income generator. I don’t earn as much as my other blogger friends who are full time. However, I do enjoy whatever earnings I get from month to month because they help pay the bills and support my “addiction to travel.”

I don’t have the knack for selling. I guess I don’t have the personality that most effective sellers have. I don’t push for something and that’s one requirement for selling. You have to be able to convince the other person how good the product or service is for them to actually purchase it. So, affiliate marketing is not as promising as I hoped it to be. But I am sticking by my blog affiliations because somehow, they bring extra money on the table.

What can I practically do to really earn money on the side? I can’t draw as good as my daughter. I don’t know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. How do I start my creative studio? I can’t sew. I don’t know how to make dress patterns. I can’t cook. I can’t bake. Yes, I know. It’s bad to degrade oneself but I am just being real and honest. The only talents I have are blogging and making handicrafts. But I already tried my hand on the arts and crafts trade but it went bust. I guess I can only go back to that direction when I am a full time stay-at-home-wife-and-mom. That way, I can really give my time and effort to producing stuff I can sell.

My search will not end until I find that elusive passive income generating scheme that I have been looking for. Don’t even get me started with trading, ok. I don’t have that much money to invest into stocks and besides, there’s a silent recession going on. I will hold on to what I have for the meantime.

Until then, the quest for the passive income is still at large. And I am not getting any younger. See the equation?

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January 19, 2016

Harnessing the Creativity Back

It’s been so long since I got a trickle of my creative juice going. It’s not in full force but glad it’s coming back. I guess, having my daughter here for several months for her long summer break gave me the impetus to grab a pen and paper and start doodling, drawing, delve on hand lettering and typography.

I knew my craftiness will lead me to other stuff I can do to while away my time and also to explore possibilities of opening my creative studio one day, with the help of my daughter who is into Multimedia Arts and my younger brother who is keen to sharpen his skills in Photoshop. The three of us will be at the helm of my e-commerce business.

My passion for arts will pave way to our creative studio. I am already aiming to open a mini-shop for my printed crafts in Etsy this year until I sort out the logistics of shipping, the costs, the items to sell that I can actually make, and the time that I will have to put in during after work to fulfil this dream. They are not much but they are CUTE! After that, I hope to be able to create graphics to sell and I am really spending time on this one because I have to hone my skills in drawing, sketching and doodling. All the 3 elements I have mentioned will be vital part of making the products I will sell eventually.

My dreams are not lofty but they are driven by passion and the ready skills’ set that my daughter and I already have. We just have to practice more, attend seminars and workshops, and even attend gatherings and exhibitions in the future to network and get ideas.

I am excited on this creativity business. I hope it will help bring extra income and create jobs for others. And maybe soon, I will become my own boss. AMEN to that!

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August 24, 2015

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I just completed my first purchase at, the online shop with the freshest and unique paper goods – from holiday cards to wedding invitations to limited-edition art – all sourced from a global community of independent graphic designers. They have a wide selection of paper products for any season and events and you may just find yourself ordering for more!

I am glad I bought my journals, business cards and gift tags at Minted because I know they will stand out. I am saving up so I can buy more and give them as gifts to my family and friends.

If you join now,  Minted will give you $25 toward your first purchase of $50 or more!


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March 8, 2014

My Vision Board

Do you know what a vision board is? If so, do you have one? For those who is not familiar with it, a vision board is a collection of your dreams, goals, aspirations that you want to have or happen. They are images of your goals that you want to achieve or things that you want to possess. Normally, you can put a timeline for your vision board to make your goal setting measurable in terms of time frame. For me, I have made it an annual thing.

I was clearing my last year’s mess on my table and saw my vision board still on 2013. I picked it up and saw that some of the goals I had last year has actually materialized. I don’t want to give the details of all the images I have stuck on my vision board since I will post it here anyway. Some of those goals are travel-related and it happened.


Our Tokyo trip happened last December. I bought a Silhouette Cameo electronic paper cutter for my homemade cards project, we paid off our car loan and we got our 10-years multiple visa to the US after several years of getting approved for only 2 years multiple entry.


I am amazed by the power of law of attraction because it has something to do with having a vision board. Of course, all these came to be because I know that God has blessed me for my hardwork and dedication.

It is 2014 now, I am about to replace some of the images that happened already in my vision board. The rest of the pictures stay as I continue on my vision to achieve them in due time.

If you don’t have a vision board, I suggest you make one. Just download some photos from the internet and print them. You can either use a cork board of a big journal where you can paste the photos there. It is a great way to remind you of your dreams and dreams do come true!

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January 13, 2014