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Small and Powerful Guitar Amplifier

I didn’t know there are smaller versions of guitar amplifiers in the market until I saw the roland micro cube. I have seen big amplifiers before but this one tops the list of portable, moderately priced amplifier that is perfect for small gigs or practice sessions at home.

It is a small cube, just as the name suggests. It can be carried anywhere you want to as it has a handle. Even young kids who are into music can carry, and have this amp with them when they want to.

I like that it is small too. Another great feature of this amp is that the MICRO CUBE GX works on batteries (LR6 (AA) type x 6) or an AC adapter.


Power: 3W
Ultra-compact portable DSP guitar amp with 5-inch speaker
Runs on battery or AC power (adapter supplied) and includes carry strap
i-CUBE LINK jack provides simple audio interfacing with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (interface cable included)
8 COSM guitar amp models including JC-120 and a special mic preamp model
8 DSP effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo and separate Delay/Reverb
Built-in chromatic tuner
Recording/Headphones output and stereo Auxiliary input for CD players, etc.

The sound quality of this small amp is just like the regular Cube Series. A small amp that packs the punch!

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May 27, 2017

Take Care Of Your Guitar’s Strings

Having a guitar is a beautiful thing. I don’t play one but I love listening to people strumming the guitar and producing melodies that are very pleasant to hear.

For guitarists, having a guitar is not just for playing. There are important things to consider when owning one and this is taking care of your guitar. A regular fine-tuning is required, cleaning and maintenance so it will produce quality and full sound.

One way of taking care of your guitar is also regularly checking its strings. Re-stringing is vital in making your guitar keep its top performance in terms of quality sound and whole playability. A good string must be considered for the aria guitars at and other strings that is compatible with the type of guitar you have. If you see the strings fraying, loose or produces funny sound, it is time to re-string.

In case you are planning to buy one or already have a guitar, please ensure that taking care of the strings is also a part of your regular routine to check the condition of your musical instrument.

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April 14, 2017

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Music

Music is a universal thing and it crosses beyond culture, race, and age. Music is a good way to help kids appreciate arts and expression. And if you have kids who are showing signs for love of music or are inclined to play some musical instruments, then start them early with some of the gift ideas geared for kids.


Drum Set


(Photo credit:

It may be a noisy gift to give but it does help a child develop appreciate with melody, rhythm, and arm and leg coordination. There are small drum kits geared for much younger kids too.



Is buying a piano still way out of your budget? Then settle for a keyboard for the meantime until you get enough money to buy your future pianist the real deal. There are plenty of keyboard to choose from.  You can even get your future prodigy a baby grand if you want and able but certainly, the market is teeming with good, quality keyboard to start with while they are young.


(Photo credit:


Egg shakers

These egg shakers are really unique gift to give kids who like making sounds and melody. It’s like a maracas but only in egg shape.

(Photo credit:


I find this gadget unique and very cute too. It is perfect for kids who love to make music and include synthesizing. It is made in Japan so I am not surprised why it looks so cute and like a musical note.

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December 17, 2016

Christmas Gift Idea for Your Drummer Kid

Now that the holiday season has finally come, we are not in a hectic mode to complete our Christmas list and ensure not a single person has been left out. However, thinking of the right gift to give our kids can be very daunting.


(Photo credit:



Here’s a great gift idea to your musically inclined kid who loves to pound the drums- a roland v drums set for kids. The Ronald V Drums are not just for adults. It is great for kids too because it has foldable models with height adjustments.  The Roland V Drums also has app such as the Friend Jam which is even perfect for the young one as it helps improve your kid’s skills and also encourages improvement through practice.


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December 3, 2016

Where To Buy Affordable Musical Instrument

A lot of you may be tight on the budget right now but the passion for music is very much burning. How do you cope with the cost of buying a new or even a well-maintained second hand musical instrument without breaking the bank?

There are many places where you can buy your affordable musical instrument. You can check any of these to get a bargain deal.


Yes, the world wide web is like an ocean. With its vast scope, it is teeming with plenty of music instrument online stores to cater to your musical needs. You can check plenty of sites offering brand new, old stocks, and even second hand musical instruments that are within your budget.


Flea market

I love flea markets! You’ll be surprised to find something rare and fancy at the same time and all at the fraction of the cost of the original item. Many musical instruments are being sold in the flea market. Some may be old and rusty, others are new and unused. Just check the instrument thoroughly for any cracks or loose stuff hanging around. Try to bring sanitized or anti-bacterial towels to wipe any wind instruments before you even try, just for hygienic purposes. Haggle reasonably.


Garage sales

Just like flea markets, garage sales are nice place to check for any unused, second hand or even new musical instruments that are just waiting for their new owners. Be careful though and check any signs of wear and tear or loose components on the musical instrument before committing to purchase. Try to haggle too!


Classified ads and lists

Check your local newspaper’s ads and see if there are owners parting with their musical instruments and make a call to check the item. Make sure you take your family or friends along with you when you meet up or visit the place to check the instruments.



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September 26, 2016

Guitar Center In Arlington

Are you new in Arlington, Texas? Do you love guitars? If you’re a guitar aficionado and it is important for you to know where to get things about guitars then it is good to know that you can ensure your guitar is taken cared of in Arlington, Texas.

You can easily check the web and research on guitar center in arlington tx to know more about Guitar Center. You can find out many resources, services and items they offer if you want repairs or simply add an extra guitar string in your reserves so you don’t worry about having no available string when you need them.

Relax and chill because you and your guitar’s needs are covered in Guitar Center!

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September 14, 2016

Who is Paul Reed?

The name does not ring a bell. For some, it may be a familiar name but to someone like me who is not very adept in the music world, the name paul reed is just one of the many names I have heard but never really put much attention to.

Well, Paul Reed is quite famous especially in the music industry. He is the founder and owner of the PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars which started production in 1985.  Aside from owning one of the well-known high-quality guitars in the world, he is also a master luthier, a person who repairs string instruments.

It is good to be familiar with people in the music industry. We are already bombarded with so much hoopla of the Hollywood scene, it is a good respite to know more about other famous people who made a big difference in other fields of expertise.

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January 18, 2016