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Clearing And Packing For The Move

I cannot recall the number of times we have moved places even when we were still in the Philippines. I thought I could count them in my hand but the truth is, I lost count already. What I don’t forget is the stress it brings me whenever we move.

I am getting to the point where I just want to establish permanent grounds now. I am seriously tired having to pack, clear stuff, move, then do it all over again. The process is driving me nuts!

I am in that stage again. Although this time, I am learning to detach myself from things we have accrued over the years of living here in the UAE. I am not even counting on the number of boxes we have sent back home, and the other ones we have kept in my mum and dad’s place, and oh, the ones too we have left in our in-laws. All in all, we have things here and there and I am getting tired of that. I just want to have a permanent place, one I can call home until my last breath.

Anyway, enough with the ranting and forgive me because I am just very tired. My back is aching terribly that I have to rest every hour. I have been clearing and packing in the living area since last night, slept for few hours and I am at it again. I wanted to throw 80% of our stuff, things I couldn’t remember we owned. I know I can sell them, and I have posted them online too. I am just not getting any calls or offers. I think, if nothing happens in my packing and clearing, those stuff will definitely go to the dumpsters.

I have yet to clear our bedroom. It is still in order, thank goodness. Again, I scouted our room and have seen so many things I haven’t touched for the last 12 months. Can I throw them too? Those are mostly my arts and crafts. I am just tired of it all. I mean, I know I have that compulsive disorder of buying anything artsy and crafty. Right now, my priorities have shifted. I prefer doing mostly digital stuff now, except for my watercolor and brush and hand lettering. I still have plenty of the craft supplies I bought in the US for my cards. I think my ship has sailed and may not go back to that art unless required. Any offers in buying all my craft stash? I have one luggage (small cabin stroller) filled with paper and fabric flowers, and lots, and lots of ribbons. Up for grabs, including the stroller hahaha.

Well, I will start clearing stuff in our room tomorrow after the guys from comes to dismantle and dispose my 2 linen closets and 1 big and old TV stand. After that, I can use the space to arrange the boxes in order so they are not in the way.

I hope this move will be the 2nd to the last; 2nd in a sense that after this, we will be going home, where ever home will be. If it has to be back in the Philippines, then so be it.

The only consolation I have, in spite of the circumstances, is that, we are moving to a bigger flat which my husband and I have been praying for. And if luck would have it, we also got the flat that we joke about each time we pass by the building. We always see that particular flat with a nice and spacious balcony. I keep telling my hubby that how I wished we could move there one day. And guess what, the company offered the building for the staff. It used to be a residential building assigned for the flight and cabin crew. Now, it is for core grade staff and my husband was allocated one, the ONE.

I hope, my next post will be an update of the new place. I am excited and can’t wait to decorate the place. I just want to deal with the mess at hand for the interim.

Until then, tuh-tah for now.


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October 27, 2017

Happy Faces Back Home

The living room set arrived few days ago at my mom’s house in Bulacan. And I am equally thrilled as her because it’s been awhile since the house got some fixing. It’s really in a bad shape now but I don’t have much to help in the repairs. So, just to make the house (and mom!) look like how it used to and to welcome the air of “coziness” once more, hubby and I decided to buy a simple living room set to start afresh.

We’ve been through a lot, most esp. my mom this year and the previous ones since dad passed away. And recently, my adopted brother also passed away, joining the many dearly beloved relatives in the other plane of life. I feared for my mom because she went into depression before and losing her beloved adopted son would bring so much sadness to her. I prayed hard and really worried a lot for my mom and I realised, I am praying and yet I am worrying. What does that tell about my faith? So, I know if there is anything that can keep my mom happy is to make the house she and dad built for us, look like “home.”

The living room set wasn’t fancy nor have frivolous trimmings of the rich. It’s actually not that expensive but the thought of her, sitting in her new living room set and smiling are something my heart would jump up and down for. And true enough, my niece sent some photos of her  with my little cutie nephew, sitting and happily smiling for the camera, on her new living room set. I tell you, I can’t explain the happiness I felt that a surge of hope and renewed optimism enveloped me.


 Oh, look at those happy smiles 🙂

I know, it’s the start of something new… and positive. This time, our wheel of fate is no longer flat-tire. It’s going to move and it’s going to move in the direction where God will make us prosper.


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December 19, 2014

Excited For Christmas

My heart is yearning to spend Christmas back home this year because my daughter is there for her collegiate studies. And, it is a great time to catch up with my family because I haven’t been spending my holidays back home as frequent as I used to. This year is different.

After going through several painful experiences this year and faced the passing of a dear one, we all have to pick up the pieces and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas – CHRIST. It is the right time to celebrate HIS life and not our pains and trials.

I am feeling positive this time around that the wheel will turn and my family will stand up from the obstacles that tied them to the ground for a very long time. It’s about time we all pool our positive energies, positive thoughts and happy feelings to create an atmosphere where there is only love, hope, joy and peace. And it’s Christmas, we should all be happy.

This Christmas is something that I look forward to. My mind and heart is already set and I’m just waiting for my flight next week. My hubby will travel ahead of time to prepare the holiday fete. I hope to be able to post so many happy pictures this time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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December 15, 2014

Fixing Old Cabinets and Throwing Out Junk

I had major “autumn” cleaning few weeks ago. I have filled almost 5 super big trash bags of TRASH, stuff we haven’t used and we didn’t even know we had. I couldn’t believe how much junk we had amassed! For such a small family of 4 (include the dog!), how can we ever get to have that many junk? Over-spending? OCD in shopping? I think we better put a stop to that madness now!

So, in the spirit of frugality that I wish to master this coming 2015 and the years to come, I decided to keep the old linen closet in our living room, rather than replace it. It just needed fixing on the hinges and probably adding drawers with a full extension drawer slide on the empty shelves in the other closet. That way, we can utilize the shelves area where we used to stash our junk.

I am honestly not done yet. I am just waiting for the right time to gather my cleaning stuff and start sorting through the remaining stuff we haven’t used for ages. My new motto now is, if we haven’t used a certain object or article of clothing for the last 12 months, then the item is either going to the bin, donation center or the flea market. I might choose the latter so I can use the money and add it to my daughter’s allowance. Makes sense!

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November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Table Spread

I am thinking of ways to spruce our little dining table for the coming Thanksgiving and I am browsing through table linens site, pins of lovely table spreads and decors, and holiday party wares to buy if we decide to cook for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not widely known or observed here in the Middle East by my Thanksgiving celebration is a way to give thanks to our Almighty for all the blessing He has provided us in many ways and form. I feel it is just fitting to offer our thanks in  a way that is fitting for a King.

I already have some warm colored table runners that I can use so I’ll just add some decors here and there to give the table a Thanksgiving feel.  I’ll see first if we’ll really cook for Thanksgiving as we have work that day. Nevertheless, there’s always take-out food!

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November 14, 2014

General House Cleaning

How much stuff can our house ever hold? I mean, I just dumped items untouched for the last 12 months and donated old clothes and even sent a big box back home just to keep the house clutter-free. And the result? I’m so baffled why we still have plenty of stuff I couldn’t even remember buying or at least, owning.

For one, the clothes we have is a huge pile of textile material just folded and tucked in our laundry area. All of them are clean but un-pressed. And going back to our regular closet, it’s brimming! I decided to donate the small clothes my daughter won’t be wearing and my smaller clothes are being sent back home for my daughter to wear for college. Yes, those clothes will be “upcycled” by a preppy teen!

And that doesn’t stop there, my hubby has a huge collection of tees. I wonder why he has so many when he always wear few t-shirts off the top of his closet. Should I also donate some of them? But he already sent some back home? How am I ever going to scale down this monstrosity of clothes that we have? Don’t even get me started with the winter clothes! They fill one 2-door closet and there are more under the bed, and they all fit us perfectly fine.

I started cleaning around 10 p.m. of Thursday. I bought some small dressers and boxes to fill with stuff that has to be kept for some time. It took me 1 1/2 hours to assemble the 2 small drawers and by that time, I have already removed the unwanted junk that would go in the bin. I seriously swear, every inch of my body aches! I wasn’t done yet!

Yesterday, I had to complete the cleaning process. I cleared out all the unwanted junk. Threw old Christmas and even broken decors to the bin and flatten empty boxes of appliances that are just gathering dust. So now, my laundry area, linen closet and the living area is at least clutter free and have enough space to walk around.

The bedroom and master bathroom have been cleaned too. I still have more stuff to throw away. I wonder what I’ll do with my arts and craft which are occupying 2 big boxes under the bed? Until we have a regular place to stash our stuff back home, I think I’ll keep them there for some time or maybe sell them as loose stash. I’m undecided.

I’m very happy how my week has been very productive. Although I feel so sore all over and can hardly bend my knees and back, I still managed to give Millie a doggie bath today. I hope I have burned a lot of calories with these general cleaning activity. I hope to keep the house clutter-free and I will be checking regularly for stuff to chuck. My rule is, if we don’t need it, we won’t buy it, and if we haven’t used it for a year then off it goes to a more responsible owner or I’ll send them back home.

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October 18, 2014

Short Weekend Back Home

My hubby and I decided to fly to Manila for the weekend during the Eid Holidays here in Dubai. It just so happen that the holidays fell over the weekend so we were granted Sunday-Tuesday off and that means, 5 days straight of fun times with the family back home, especially with my daughter.



I still didn’t have my renewed passport when we left Dubai. I used the one that was still valid until Jan. 2015 and I didn’t have any issue. So, as soon as the Dept. of Foreign Affairs resumed work on Oct. 7, I hastily went to collect my new passport which was still there (I’m now surprised anymore!).

Well, I’m so happy that I managed to take this short break away from the madness of this place. I am so ecstatic to be with my daughter and perform my motherly duties again which I sorely miss. I just love chatting and hanging out with my princess so I made sure we had a long weekend of bonding by shopping! We need our retail therapy badly!

I’m also glad that I got to see my mom and my family back home. My mom was her usual perky self but for a 66-year old woman whom I have grown to see as very graceful and noble was a far-cry from how she is now. She walks slowly, doesn’t have her lower dentures, her clothes are old and not as fancy as the clothes she used to wear during her heyday. And I stopped and processed everything that I was seeing while there – depression had taken its toll on my beautiful mom. Despite of her haggard appearance, I know that her heart of gold is still there inside. I just wish I can change the past for her so she doesn’t have to endure all the sufferings she didn’t deserve.


I got to meet my niece’s “special friend” whom I instantly liked. The “friend” looked exactly one of my dear relatives of who passed away. I could have sworn, they seemed to be like clones!

All in all, this short vacation was very fruitful. I got to bond with my in-laws, spend my time with my lovely college daughter, chit-chat with family, shopped with my husband and daughter, bought grocery for my mom for the whole month’s supply (I hope so), and just to soak in all the times I have missed coming home.

The weather was terrible but I could care less. I was with my family. That’s all that matters…

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October 10, 2014