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My First Visit At Hobby Lobby

For my family and close friends who know me too well, I live, and breathe (and even eat for breakfast!) anything arts and crafts, and the many supplies that go with them. They all know that when I am in the US, one of the first stores I go to is Michaels Arts, and of course, the outlet shops. That is the case, as soon as we arrived in Riverside, California during our recent US summer getaway.

As soon as we freshened up at my Aunt’s place, we headed to Michaels and bought the stuff I have to buy for myself and the dear princess daughter. However, I was not aware that there was a Hobby Lobby that would soon open while still in Riverside for the vacation. My aunt mentioned it few days after and I am glad we did visit the opening day of Hobby Lobby because if not, I would have missed a lot! I mean, the vacation is not complete without my precious arts supplies! No!!!

So, 30 August, we went to Old Navy in Moreno Valley only to realize that Hobby Lobby was just a stone’s throw away. And it was their opening day and SALE! They have extra 40-50% off in almost ALL of their merchandize, except for the arts supplies. I took the opportunity to buy some supplies for my Happy Planner, some Christmas ornaments (yes, they have gazillions already on display), and bought 1 owl statue or candle wax burner. I knew the owl just had to come home with me. The Christmas ornaments were bought out of impulse and the discount offer, and the planner supplies were to satisfy my addiction for anything/everything planner.

(I will not leave the store without this owl.)


(I seriously went cray-cray over these nutcracker display! I kept going around like a bee, choosing which one I like best, rather which ONES I love best. 🙂 Well, I didn’t buy because our bags were brimming and we were already excess in kilos. A nutcracker will be mine someday!)


I enjoyed my almost an hour going around Hobby Lobby. I swear, I could live there and not even mind not eating for a month just to get all the stuff I need for my arts and crafts. My visual satisfaction was super off the charts! I seriously got lots of ideas on what motif to do for our Christmas tree. I am quite excited.


(My hubby, aka The Financier, was already getting tired with my beelining around the ornaments and planner stickers. Good thing there were seats near the entrance!)



I was just starting to get very shy to my Aunt and hubby, most especially my hubby who is also my finance manager. He was very tired driving for how many hours from Las Vegas all the way to Moreno Valley in Cali. We headed straight to the area to grab some last minute shopping, and have lunch at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

The Hobby Lobby experience is really surreal for me. I thought I only get high in Michaels but wow, I wish I had visited Hobby Lobby in other states too before. I am certainly happy that my Aunt introduced me to the place. It will be one of the must-go-to place whenever I am on vacation in the US.


Do you enjoy Hobby Lobby like I do? Echo your experience in the comments below.


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September 15, 2017

Christmas Gift Idea for Your Drummer Kid

Now that the holiday season has finally come, we are not in a hectic mode to complete our Christmas list and ensure not a single person has been left out. However, thinking of the right gift to give our kids can be very daunting.


(Photo credit:



Here’s a great gift idea to your musically inclined kid who loves to pound the drums- a roland v drums set for kids. The Ronald V Drums are not just for adults. It is great for kids too because it has foldable models with height adjustments.  The Roland V Drums also has app such as the Friend Jam which is even perfect for the young one as it helps improve your kid’s skills and also encourages improvement through practice.


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December 3, 2016

My Christmas Wishlist for 2016

I always have a secret wishlist every Christmas, year after year. I never really tell anyone about them until now. I felt, I had to let them out and send them to the universe! Maybe Santa Claus or a generous sponsor will anonymously present me with any of the items I need (or maybe all! hahahaha!).


(Artwork by ©Ria Cervantes/


  • iPad Pro
  • Apple pen
  • iMac
  • Calligraphy pen set
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens


I need all of them actually for my “biz plan.” I have been diligently practising on my craft, learning online, reading books, and practising some more. I need to hone my skills in hand lettering, sketching, doodling, and watercolour art.

I want to be able to put up an e-commerce business by 2018-2019, before I retire from the corporate world. I want to be my own boss. I want to open up jobs for others and I want to work from home. And as early as now, I am paving my way to get there. It’s not easy but every victory is shrouded with thorns, right?


And this will be my home office! 🙂 (Photo credit:

So yes, I need them. They are not “want” but “need.” Good luck to me!

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October 14, 2016

Luna Gypsy Spalt Guitar For Christmas

Any guitar lovers out there will surely appreciate the Luna guitar as a Christmas gift this coming holiday season. Why not? It’s a beautiful guitar. It looks sleek, classy, and not as expensive as the other acoustic guitars in the market.

What I like about the Luna gypsy spalt guitar is that it looks very pretty that even a girl can use it. It has that trademark crescent moon shape near the mahogany neck. And not only that, it has an exclusive “moon phase” fretboard markers. Very pretty indeed!



Photo credit:

Photo credit:

I don’t play the guitar but if I do, this will be my guitar. This is a good Christmas gift idea for the music lovers out there.

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December 5, 2015

Minted’s 20% on Foil-Pressed Products

We all know that Christmas is sneaking real fast and next thing we know it, we are singing Christmas carols, putting up our Christmas trees, decorating our homes with lots of holiday themed stuff, preparing for the Christmas gatherings, and computing in our heads the cost of gifts and postage for sending our loved ones our warmest greetings.

Don’t despair and never panic! Here’s something to tick off that list of yours – Minted’s Foil-Pressed products. They are also on sale!

Starting Tuesday, 11/10, through Monday, 11/16, take 20% off Minted’s entire selection of foil-pressed products like the pretty Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards below. You may wish to check out the wall arts so you can buy posters or cards to send to your family and friends and you get to save too!

Don’t forget! This offer is only until 16 of November. Hurry and catch the special offer, only at Minted.



Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.26.26 PM

Foil Wall Art – Holiday Wreath


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November 12, 2015

Our Christmas This Year

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” I love that Christmas song.  It always remind me of my Christmases back home. However, Christmas is now celebrated either in Manila or in Dubai so this year it is here in Dubai and with my daughter coming over for the festive occasion.



You can tell, my family loves Christmas whether we have money to spare for lavish gifts or just enough to uphold the tradition of having our family by our side. Our excitement for the fond merriments of Christmas is quit evident at home now. Hubby and I decided to put up the Christmas tree. I would say, this time it is way too early. We usually put it up around November or at least, after the Halloween.



This year’s theme is pink, purple, some tint of gold and silver. I decorated it this time. Let’s just say, I want to impress my hubby and daughter for the artistry.  I feel it is still not as “abundantly decorated” as I would like it to be but then again, “less is more” was playing on my head while decorating the Christmas tree.



(Too much pink, don’t you think?)



(I’m trying to have that native look.)


This year, we do not have much as we have had before. Money is scarce. I’m not getting much paid tasks for the past few months. No one has bought my products in Etsy yet and there is no overtime to add income in the coffer. However, I look forward to celebrate the most festive season of all because it’s not the money, the lavish gifts, the food and drinks that we have most Christmases but it’s the family love that binds us together that makes me look forward to celebrate Christmas this year and the years to come.

Also, Christmas is all about family and the whole reason why we celebrate it – Christ. Let’s not forget that.

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October 10, 2015