How To Make Your Resolution of Staying Organized Easier

Did you know that staying organized is one of the top New Year’s resolutions people make every year? Unfortunately, it’s a resolution that’s much easier to make than keep. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make your resolution of staying organized easier this year.


  • Purchase Storage Containers


Whether you’re tidying up your garage or looking for ways to minimize kitchen clutter, storage containers can help you meet your goals. Baby freezer storage containers from BÉABA are the perfect solution if you’re trying to minimize baby food clutter. They come in various sizes and can even be stacked together to make the most of your vertical freezer space.


  • Donate or Throw Away


Instead of keeping that old blanket that’s been collecting dust in your closet or waiting for the perfect opportunity to use the noodle-making appliance you haven’t used in 10 years, donate them to charity. You can feel good knowing the items are going to someone who needs them and won’t be needlessly cluttering your house anymore.

If an item is broken or useless, why hang onto it? Unless it has particular sentimental value, it’s time to throw it away. It may be hard to part with it at first, but you’ll feel an immediate sense of relief once you do.


  • Organize in Sections


When you organize your home in small, manageable sections, it’s easier to meet your goals. Start with the smallest room in your home like the laundry room or a closet and set a time limit for yourself. If you start small and stick to a time limit, you’ll be less likely to feel overwhelmed.

If you have a baby, organizing can be even more challenging. Fortunately, portable baby monitors from BÉABA can make the task easier. Place one in the room with your baby and keep the other one by your side so you can hear your baby at all times while you organize.


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January 2, 2018

New Year’s Resolution: Help Your Child Use Its Gap Year Wisely

If your child needs some time off to decide what they would like to do next, or simply more time to prepare for their future career, working on their skills or learning something new might be the best way to spend their gap year. It doesn’t have to be all work; they can use the gap year to travel, meet new people, learn a new language, or just relax from all the studying. However, landing a great job is not easy, so it’s important for your child to use the gap year wisely and improve themselves as much as they can. Thus, here are a few ideas about making the most of the time available and increasing your kid’s chances of a successful future.


They can work on their skills

The gap year can be used to gain new skills or improve the ones they already have. It will give them something to add to their resume, which will surely help them stand out from the crowd. When it comes to the skills they can gain, these can be anything – painting, playing an instrument, learning a new language, etc. Knowing more than one language is especially useful, since there’s no field of work that doesn’t appreciate such knowledge. Also, you never know, your child might discover a new passion and decide to turn it into a career they will definitely enjoy.


They can use the time to get some work experience


They can use the gap year to find a job and earn some extra cash. It will help them become more independent and responsible, and it will teach them how to organise their time and finances. It is a great way to learn how to work in a team as well, which is always valuable to know since many employers require their employees to be team players. Earning some money by themselves can be quite fulfilling on its own, but it can also help them save up for whatever they need regardless of whether it is a new car, bike, computer or the continuation of their studies. In terms of their future career, having some work experience shows that they are motivated, driven, and responsible – and what employer doesn’t appreciate that?


They can volunteer

Similar to getting a job, volunteering can also help your kid get some valuable work experience and improve their work-related skills. Plus, being a volunteer shows their compassion and desire to change the world, which can mean a lot if they are planning on working with people or animals in the future. Volunteering can even be done abroad if your child feels a bit more adventurous and wants to learn about different cultures. Not to mention that putting themselves outside their comfort zone is great for gaining independence as well as confidence. It will also look good on their resume because it shows that they are capable of assimilating and adapting to unknown situations. All in all, it would surely be a life-changing experience for your kid.

They can think about their goals


Sometimes, kids don’t really know what they want, or they want too many things and can’t decide on just one. Taking the time off to unwind, forget about studying and regain their energy might help them clear their mind so they can make the right decision. You don’t want your child to end up doing something they don’t enjoy, so don’t pressure them too much – let them rest and have some fun if they feel like they need that. They can sign up for some of the amazing schoolies in 2018 and have the time of their life; the schoolies are filled with numerous entertaining activities, and they might even make some great friends.


They can meet new people


All of the above-mentioned suggestions can help them meet new people, and you never know which of those people will make a difference in your kid’s life. They might make friends for life, loving relationships, or valuable connections that can land them a better job in the future. They can learn something from everybody they meet, so socialising, seeing things from different perspectives and being in contact with different cultures can help your child decide which path in life they want to follow.


Working and studying is not all there is to life – it’s only a means of reaching the goal, which is being happy with who one is and what one has achieved. So, help your child use their time wisely and watch them grow into a confident person who knows what they want to do in life.


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December 23, 2017

Learning Apps Make Learning Fun And Interesting

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Looking back, I can still remember my school days when I really enjoyed my history lessons. My classmates and I looked forward to every history lessons because the history teacher made the history lessons very interesting. She didn’t refer to any text books and the history lessons were like story telling time. If you ask most students about their history lessons, many will say that it is boring but it was never a boring lesson to us. Somehow, the historic events came alive as she relate them to us. Most of us scored “A” for our history lessons and we appreciated the way this history teacher taught us.

In this modern age of technology, learning apps are made available to students anywhere who are interested to learn about anything that is offered through their electronic devices. If you choose to learn history or any other subjects using one of these apps, you will benefit from the many spell-binding lectures by excellent professors. Students can learn at their own pace with no rigid schedules. These learning apps allow students to learn while exercising, commuting, or while relaxing in their own room or on the couch. There is no need for the students to attend classroom lessons with other students at fix times. This is a relaxed way of learning with no homework, no tests and no pressure.

There are many learning apps that students can download from the Google Play store. If you are overwhelmed by the countless learning apps available, you can start off with The Great Courses Plus and sign up for free trail. If you are using an iPhone, you can pick up the best iTunes learning app by downloading the app for free. You can use the free trial period to access whether this learning app is what you are looking for or whether you will need to look for another app after the free trial period ended.



Through The Great Courses Plus online learning subscription, students have access to more than 8,000 educational videos taught by experts and students can learn everything about anything, from anywhere, with the world’s greatest professors as their instructors. Besides history, there are science, health & wellness, professional development, and many other subjects offered.

Students can also download any of the Google Play homework apps to automatically receive homework from their teachers. It is a tool for teachers to communicate with their students concerning homework assignments, notifications and other important messages through their smartphone. All these is especially useful for students who are unable to attend classes, either they are sick or for some emergency reasons.

If you are interested for more details concerning the learning apps, you can check out or any of the learning apps websites.


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November 17, 2017

A New Family Favorite: Searching Out a Hotel that Ticks all the Boxes

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It is safe to say that not all hotels are created equal and the range of services and amenities you can expect along with the standard of welcome you experience can all vary greatly.

That is why it pays to search out a hotel that gives you everything you are looking for and can quickly become a family favorite when you have such a great time and leave with a satisfied smile on your face.

Here are some pointers on how to narrow down that search and come up with an accommodation option that manages to meet all your requirements and more.


Filtering strategies

Most of us have a budget in mind for our hotel stay and the obvious starting point is to carry out a search on a few online comparison travel sites so that you can eliminate the ones that aren’t in your desired price bracket.

It is not a good idea to be too strict with the criteria, as you may find that by going direct with your booking to choices like African Pride South African Hotels by Marriott could unlock a discount that makes all the difference if there is a deal on or an incentive scheme.

There might also be some hotels in the lowest price bracket that are worth a second look as they might be better than the price suggests and simply be offering a decent discount rate at the time.


Amenities are next on the list

Price is obviously an important consideration but there’s no point securing a decent rate on a hotel that doesn’t offer you any of the amenities that you and your family are looking for.

If you are traveling with kids a pool is often high on the list and definitely preferable so that you have an easy entertainment option available without having to leave the hotel.

Other options that are often important include Wi-Fi and good parking if you are arriving by car. Write down a list of all the key ingredients you are looking for and then see if you can filter your choices down by checking the boxes that matter.


Somewhere to eat

Another important part of making sure you get what you want from your hotel stay is to make sure that there are the right dining options available for your needs.

Again, if you are staying at a hotel with kids you want to know that the menu and range of eating options are suitable for them. You can often go out for dinner if you are in a popular city or busy area but you don’t always want to do that if you are trying to get young ones to bed.

Check what the dining hours and options are and what food is on the menu, so that you have an idea of prices and whether there will be the sort of food choices that the children will appreciate.

If you get all these key points covered with your hotel choice it is a good start to improving your prospects of having a great time and an enjoyable stay.



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October 30, 2017

Clearing And Packing For The Move

I cannot recall the number of times we have moved places even when we were still in the Philippines. I thought I could count them in my hand but the truth is, I lost count already. What I don’t forget is the stress it brings me whenever we move.

I am getting to the point where I just want to establish permanent grounds now. I am seriously tired having to pack, clear stuff, move, then do it all over again. The process is driving me nuts!

I am in that stage again. Although this time, I am learning to detach myself from things we have accrued over the years of living here in the UAE. I am not even counting on the number of boxes we have sent back home, and the other ones we have kept in my mum and dad’s place, and oh, the ones too we have left in our in-laws. All in all, we have things here and there and I am getting tired of that. I just want to have a permanent place, one I can call home until my last breath.

Anyway, enough with the ranting and forgive me because I am just very tired. My back is aching terribly that I have to rest every hour. I have been clearing and packing in the living area since last night, slept for few hours and I am at it again. I wanted to throw 80% of our stuff, things I couldn’t remember we owned. I know I can sell them, and I have posted them online too. I am just not getting any calls or offers. I think, if nothing happens in my packing and clearing, those stuff will definitely go to the dumpsters.

I have yet to clear our bedroom. It is still in order, thank goodness. Again, I scouted our room and have seen so many things I haven’t touched for the last 12 months. Can I throw them too? Those are mostly my arts and crafts. I am just tired of it all. I mean, I know I have that compulsive disorder of buying anything artsy and crafty. Right now, my priorities have shifted. I prefer doing mostly digital stuff now, except for my watercolor and brush and hand lettering. I still have plenty of the craft supplies I bought in the US for my cards. I think my ship has sailed and may not go back to that art unless required. Any offers in buying all my craft stash? I have one luggage (small cabin stroller) filled with paper and fabric flowers, and lots, and lots of ribbons. Up for grabs, including the stroller hahaha.

Well, I will start clearing stuff in our room tomorrow after the guys from comes to dismantle and dispose my 2 linen closets and 1 big and old TV stand. After that, I can use the space to arrange the boxes in order so they are not in the way.

I hope this move will be the 2nd to the last; 2nd in a sense that after this, we will be going home, where ever home will be. If it has to be back in the Philippines, then so be it.

The only consolation I have, in spite of the circumstances, is that, we are moving to a bigger flat which my husband and I have been praying for. And if luck would have it, we also got the flat that we joke about each time we pass by the building. We always see that particular flat with a nice and spacious balcony. I keep telling my hubby that how I wished we could move there one day. And guess what, the company offered the building for the staff. It used to be a residential building assigned for the flight and cabin crew. Now, it is for core grade staff and my husband was allocated one, the ONE.

I hope, my next post will be an update of the new place. I am excited and can’t wait to decorate the place. I just want to deal with the mess at hand for the interim.

Until then, tuh-tah for now.


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October 27, 2017

It is Autumn!

Can I just rejoice right now because it is officially autumn? I love this season next to winter because I enjoy the cold season more than hot, sweaty days. I keep telling my husband that if I retire, I will be transplanting my cute bum in a cold country. And I am not kidding on that. I really love cold weather. And his wise comeback is a suggestion for me to visit Canada during the dead of winter. Then that serve as my litmus test whether I can or cannot live in a harsh winter condition. Let’s see.

For now, let me just enjoy the fact that some countries in this world is enjoying the cool breeze of Autumn. They get to dust their boots and take them out for a walk because it’s boots season too! My season!

This is my watercolor art. Please do not use without my permission. Thank you. ©Ria C

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September 23, 2017

My First Visit At Hobby Lobby

For my family and close friends who know me too well, I live, and breathe (and even eat for breakfast!) anything arts and crafts, and the many supplies that go with them. They all know that when I am in the US, one of the first stores I go to is Michaels Arts, and of course, the outlet shops. That is the case, as soon as we arrived in Riverside, California during our recent US summer getaway.

As soon as we freshened up at my Aunt’s place, we headed to Michaels and bought the stuff I have to buy for myself and the dear princess daughter. However, I was not aware that there was a Hobby Lobby that would soon open while still in Riverside for the vacation. My aunt mentioned it few days after and I am glad we did visit the opening day of Hobby Lobby because if not, I would have missed a lot! I mean, the vacation is not complete without my precious arts supplies! No!!!

So, 30 August, we went to Old Navy in Moreno Valley only to realize that Hobby Lobby was just a stone’s throw away. And it was their opening day and SALE! They have extra 40-50% off in almost ALL of their merchandize, except for the arts supplies. I took the opportunity to buy some supplies for my Happy Planner, some Christmas ornaments (yes, they have gazillions already on display), and bought 1 owl statue or candle wax burner. I knew the owl just had to come home with me. The Christmas ornaments were bought out of impulse and the discount offer, and the planner supplies were to satisfy my addiction for anything/everything planner.

(I will not leave the store without this owl.)


(I seriously went cray-cray over these nutcracker display! I kept going around like a bee, choosing which one I like best, rather which ONES I love best. 🙂 Well, I didn’t buy because our bags were brimming and we were already excess in kilos. A nutcracker will be mine someday!)


I enjoyed my almost an hour going around Hobby Lobby. I swear, I could live there and not even mind not eating for a month just to get all the stuff I need for my arts and crafts. My visual satisfaction was super off the charts! I seriously got lots of ideas on what motif to do for our Christmas tree. I am quite excited.


(My hubby, aka The Financier, was already getting tired with my beelining around the ornaments and planner stickers. Good thing there were seats near the entrance!)



I was just starting to get very shy to my Aunt and hubby, most especially my hubby who is also my finance manager. He was very tired driving for how many hours from Las Vegas all the way to Moreno Valley in Cali. We headed straight to the area to grab some last minute shopping, and have lunch at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.

The Hobby Lobby experience is really surreal for me. I thought I only get high in Michaels but wow, I wish I had visited Hobby Lobby in other states too before. I am certainly happy that my Aunt introduced me to the place. It will be one of the must-go-to place whenever I am on vacation in the US.


Do you enjoy Hobby Lobby like I do? Echo your experience in the comments below.


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September 15, 2017