Mini Dress For The 60’s Themed Halloween

Few winks and it’s going to be Halloween! It’s going to be all about funny, funky, colourful, unique, and flashy costumes out there, in parties, corporate events, family gatherings, and many more. But what if your Halloween party is a 60’s themed event? That won’t be too hard, right?

The 1960’s is the year of shift dresses, pillbox hats, and  fancy suits. It’s not really hard to dress up for a 1960’s theme because you don’t have to scour the whole “for rent clothing store” for old clothes nor ransack your mum’s or grandmum’s stashed closet. A mini dress, a clunky heels or high boots can do the trick.

You can check the web for more ideas for what to wear for the 1960’s theme or check this link for some inspiration.



(Photo from



(Photo from pinterest)


If your collection does not include any shift dresses or mini dress to spice up your 60’s mood, then head on to StyleWe and choose form their many selections!

You can also check out their social media for more info:




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October 16, 2016

My Christmas Wishlist for 2016

I always have a secret wishlist every Christmas, year after year. I never really tell anyone about them until now. I felt, I had to let them out and send them to the universe! Maybe Santa Claus or a generous sponsor will anonymously present me with any of the items I need (or maybe all! hahahaha!).


(Artwork by ©Ria Cervantes/


  • iPad Pro
  • Apple pen
  • iMac
  • Calligraphy pen set
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens


I need all of them actually for my “biz plan.” I have been diligently practising on my craft, learning online, reading books, and practising some more. I need to hone my skills in hand lettering, sketching, doodling, and watercolour art.

I want to be able to put up an e-commerce business by 2018-2019, before I retire from the corporate world. I want to be my own boss. I want to open up jobs for others and I want to work from home. And as early as now, I am paving my way to get there. It’s not easy but every victory is shrouded with thorns, right?


And this will be my home office! 🙂 (Photo credit:

So yes, I need them. They are not “want” but “need.” Good luck to me!

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October 14, 2016

Free Downloadable Crafts And Earn From CraftsUPrint

I love arts and crafts! And if  you’re like me who loves arts and crafts but don’t want to spend much on the resources and supplies (let’s admit it crafters, the supplies aren’t cheap!) then you’re in for a wonderful surprise!!! is a site that I frequent to when I want to download some resources I can use for my card making and other crafts. The good thing about this site is that, all you download are legal and free to use for your projects and crafts. Aside from card making stuff they give out for free, you can also download for your papier mache or other handicrafts.

Craftsuprint - World's Largest Craft Download Site

Another good thing about CraftsUPrint is that if you have crafts you want to sell, you can do so for FREE!  And you get to keep 100% of the sales. Need I say more?

For budding artists of designers who wants to earn extra cash, you can use my referral code:



So, what are you waiting for? Click on the banner above if you want to start downloading crafty resources for your projects or sign up if you want to be a team designer for CraftsUPrint.


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October 8, 2016

Where To Buy Affordable Musical Instrument

A lot of you may be tight on the budget right now but the passion for music is very much burning. How do you cope with the cost of buying a new or even a well-maintained second hand musical instrument without breaking the bank?

There are many places where you can buy your affordable musical instrument. You can check any of these to get a bargain deal.


Yes, the world wide web is like an ocean. With its vast scope, it is teeming with plenty of music instrument online stores to cater to your musical needs. You can check plenty of sites offering brand new, old stocks, and even second hand musical instruments that are within your budget.


Flea market

I love flea markets! You’ll be surprised to find something rare and fancy at the same time and all at the fraction of the cost of the original item. Many musical instruments are being sold in the flea market. Some may be old and rusty, others are new and unused. Just check the instrument thoroughly for any cracks or loose stuff hanging around. Try to bring sanitized or anti-bacterial towels to wipe any wind instruments before you even try, just for hygienic purposes. Haggle reasonably.


Garage sales

Just like flea markets, garage sales are nice place to check for any unused, second hand or even new musical instruments that are just waiting for their new owners. Be careful though and check any signs of wear and tear or loose components on the musical instrument before committing to purchase. Try to haggle too!


Classified ads and lists

Check your local newspaper’s ads and see if there are owners parting with their musical instruments and make a call to check the item. Make sure you take your family or friends along with you when you meet up or visit the place to check the instruments.



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September 26, 2016

Guitar Center In Arlington

Are you new in Arlington, Texas? Do you love guitars? If you’re a guitar aficionado and it is important for you to know where to get things about guitars then it is good to know that you can ensure your guitar is taken cared of in Arlington, Texas.

You can easily check the web and research on guitar center in arlington tx to know more about Guitar Center. You can find out many resources, services and items they offer if you want repairs or simply add an extra guitar string in your reserves so you don’t worry about having no available string when you need them.

Relax and chill because you and your guitar’s needs are covered in Guitar Center!

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September 14, 2016

Super Busy Mode

Whoa! I didn’t realise that I haven’t written anything here for several weeks now. I just got a bit busy here and there and have been focused on my other blogs. I have also been busy planning for my Euro trip with my colleague so I missed to update this blog of mine.

There’s plenty of ideas occupying my head at the moment and it’s really taking much of my time. Not that they are of dire priority. I am just a bit focused on many things that I am getting nowhere. This is multi-tasking in utter failure. Lol!

Anyway, here I am, checking my packed luggage for a few days in Budapest, Hungary. I guess I need to unwind and recharge. I have a very cluttered mind at the moment. It’s as if all the folders, sub folder and sub-sub folders in my head are open. So, I need to take a break from the hustle and bustle. I wish it’s longer too but my I don’t have enough leave credit so I have to be practical too.

Well, I pray my friend and I will enjoy this trip and hopefully too, I get to re-focus on what’s essential in my life.

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September 9, 2016

Rushing to Graduate

I have failed to change my daughter’s mind to “not” take summer class, rather, spend her time here in Dubai with us. I mean, it’s not bad to ask for something I think and feel will benefit the well-being of our daughter. However, she had other plans – she’s rushing to graduate on time.

I tried hard to convince her that it’s okay if she doesn’t graduate on time. What matters most is that she’d get good grades and that she’d enjoy school because of lately, I feel she’s more stressed than having fun and yet, she still enrolled for the gruelling summer class.

Then I saw this…


(Photo credit: from FB, kudos to the owner of this photo quote)


I felt this message was very appropriate to her and to the younger generation who are rushing to get somewhere they shouldn’t be yet – in the corporate bondage. While there is nothing wrong with working, there is a time for that.

I have posted this in my FB wall in the hopes that my daughter reads it and will internalise as well. And for the younger folks to chill a bit.

I have told our daughter this many times. No one is rushing her to finish on time, albeit it would be nice to graduate on schedule. It is NOT mandatory and no one is pushing her to do so.

I finished a term late because of my thesis but I wasn’t disappointed. Heck, I even bummed around for another half-year; enjoying my freedom from collegiate studies, just savouring the moment of not having to attend class from then on.

And this is what I have to say to all you millennials, “kids, enjoy your pace.” Life’s too short. It moves too fast and with a blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself in the corporate world and wish you were back in school. I hope you become the “boss” or be an entrepreneur to create jobs for others. Wherever your future takes you, just enjoy the journey – term projects, exams, and all!

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August 20, 2016