Why Traveling Is Not Only For The Rich

Many people think that traveling is a lucrative activity that only the rich, famous, and those who can afford can take it. Contrary to that belief, traveling is for everyone who loves to venture out in the open, to see new places, meet the locals, experience other cultures, visit interesting attractions, taste unique local cuisines, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Why are people too aloof about the travel scene? What puts them off? Could it be the numerous documents to secure and buy like the super visa insurance if you’re traveling abroad? Perhaps, the cost of traveling scares people away from viewing the activity in a different light. I asked that before I got bitten by the travel bug.  I used to think that it is something I could not achieve in my lifetime but I was wrong.  We all could enjoy a little bit of travel even locally, and that too will involve costs.

So, why is traveling for everyone regardless of your income level?

Pay less or more depending on your budget

All travels, no matter how simple they are, will still amount to something. That is a constant factor that everyone who wishes to travel in the future take into consideration. And for the seasoned travelers, sticking to a budget is one of the keys to enjoy an affordable trip without burning a hole in your bank account.

There may be costs involved but it all depends on how you plan your travel and where you want to go. Other than that, cost is just one of the aspects people have to consider and accept about traveling.


It’s all in the mindset

Yes, some people think that traveling is only for the rich people because they can afford it. Wrong. That is certainly not the case. In fact, traveling is for everyone who wish to take the adventure and experience the bliss of being in a different place at least once in a while. It’s not always about the money when you travel. There are many ways you can travel without having to shell out a fortune. You can stay with friends or relatives in a different place to get free accommodation. You can find perfect deals to suit your budget when you book early or as a group. Tap the tips and tricks of the travel trade to save a lot for the travel of your dreams. You can joy free walking tours to save on sightseeing cost. There are many creative ways to save on cost. Check the web for many forums and resources from traveling folks and read their tips to save on a trip.


Traveling is not only taking flights to another destination

Another misconception about traveling is that people think that it is only when you’re actually flying to a different destination. Traveling is not just booking a flight ticket, buying it, and showing up in the airport to take the flight on the day of your trip. Traveling is more than the type of transportation you will take. It can be driving to the next province, state, or county in your own country. It can be taking a weekend trip to the nearest beach resort. It can also be visiting friends or relatives who live in another part of the town or staying with those you know who live overseas. Traveling is all about moving out and about to wonderful places to unwind and make wonderful memories.

I travel even if my budget is tight. I just stay in cheaper hotels or visit relatives and friends in another country to save on accommodation. You see, I am not rich. I don’t have millions in my bank account but I try to make a point to save enough to finance a short trip somewhere. I save here and there for a yearly travel because the memories you make are those that money can’t buy.

The travel bug has bitten me and it is one bite that I don’t mind.


About the author:

Ria C is a travel blogger who owns The Travel Bug blog. She writes about her adventures in other countries, offers travel tips like getting snowbird travel insurance or other travel insurance to keep you covered, shares her hotel reviews, and the interesting places she’s been. She is also a mommy blogger who writes on her other family oriented blogs including The Mommalogues.

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April 15, 2017

Take Care Of Your Guitar’s Strings

Having a guitar is a beautiful thing. I don’t play one but I love listening to people strumming the guitar and producing melodies that are very pleasant to hear.

For guitarists, having a guitar is not just for playing. There are important things to consider when owning one and this is taking care of your guitar. A regular fine-tuning is required, cleaning and maintenance so it will produce quality and full sound.

One way of taking care of your guitar is also regularly checking its strings. Re-stringing is vital in making your guitar keep its top performance in terms of quality sound and whole playability. A good string must be considered for the aria guitars at guitarcenter.com and other strings that is compatible with the type of guitar you have. If you see the strings fraying, loose or produces funny sound, it is time to re-string.

In case you are planning to buy one or already have a guitar, please ensure that taking care of the strings is also a part of your regular routine to check the condition of your musical instrument.

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April 14, 2017

Girl Boss

Yes, that’s what I want to call myself in the near future. I plan to retire early but my retirement fund is still way too little for me to enjoy the comforts of life and the fruits of my labour.

I have been engaging in many activities to boost my passive income. So far, my blogging tops the list but the money that comes sometimes trickles and sometimes it pours. It is not very constant, much to my disappointment but happy to have some extra to help pay the bills. I have joined another money-making business opportunity that I hope one day, will really bring in the money in the coffer. I don’t want to stop tapping what I have a good feeling about.

Success doesn’t come easy. I have been trying my luck in many fields and so far, I am still working my bottoms off to make them work. I just hope, all my efforts, time, and passion are not put into waste.

I definitely want to be a girl boss someday. I need that break!

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April 7, 2017

Pregnancy and the Many Changes It Will Do To A Woman’s Body


A woman’s body is so resilient. It can transform into many roles in a woman’s life. One of that role is to be ready for child-bearing. And with that, a woman’s body will evolve in many ways to adjust to its new role.

Pregnancy or gestation is a beautiful change that a woman’s body go through during conception. A woman’s body will undergo plenty of transformation that are totally exciting, frightening, and even confusing for a pregnant woman especially the first time mommies to-be for 9 months.

Here are some of the physical (and even those that a woman does not see) changes a woman’s body will undergo during pregnancy:


Temporary cessation of  menstrual period during pregnancy

This is one of the few initial tell-tale signs of gestation. A woman’s monthly menstruation suddenly stops once the ovum is fertilized. This process lasts for 9 long months. Therefore, a pregnant woman will temporarily lose her period during the duration of her pregnancy.The menstrual cycle usually returns after few weeks to months after birth.


Enlargement of the breasts

During pregnancy, the breasts will enlarge and also become tender due to the increased estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body. The breasts will also become painful towards the end term of pregnancy as it gets ready for milk production.


(Photo credit: pexels.com)


Expanding abdomen

The belly is the major area that will show the most obvious physical change in a pregnant woman’s body. The abdomen will expand accordingly as the pregnancy progress. The skin will also stretch during this process causing stretch marks and itching.


Bleeding gums and loose teeth

This period requires extra calcium for the baby as well and the mother has to provide much needed supplement to ensure baby is meeting the required nutrients. During this time, the mother (although not all) will experience bleeding gums and loosening of teeth. The levels of hormones are also contributing factors to these; hence, it is advisable for pregnant women to consult their doctor in the early onset of pregnancy to check their oral health as well.


Frequent urination

Pregnancy puts pressure in the kidneys and bladder making a pregnant woman urinate frequently. This is because the weight of the baby is pushing back the kidneys and bladder, making it difficult for the mother to-be to hold off urination.


Leg cramps

Due to the weight of bearing a child, hormonal changes, and low levels of potassium and iron in the body. Stretching and light exercise can help relieve cramps. The pregnant woman may be tested for her iron levels and the doctor may also prescribe supplements with iron if required.


(Photo credit: shutterstock.com)


Swelling on the face, arms, and legs

The face, arms, legs, and even feet will get swollen due to the extra fluids being retained in the body.


Aches and pains

A pregnant woman’s body will feel pain throughout the pregnancy period because the ligaments and tendons are getting stretched to allow a baby to grow inside the belly. The spinal curvature gets realigned as well to give balance. There will be changes in the posture of a pregnant woman.


Widening of the hips

The pelvic bones in our hips gets prepared towards the end of the term of pregnancy when the ligaments holding them together loosens in preparation for labor and child birth.


Hormonal changes

This is the time when a woman’s hormones go not just a little loco, but a lot. Hormone levels shift and the placenta becomes an endocrine gland temporarily. It produces large amounts of estrogen and progesterone. The body will experience many things due to these hormonal changes such as hot flushes, skin blemishes, production of milk or lactation towards the later part of pregnancy, and skin discoloration due to the increased melanin.


(Photo credit: shutterstock.com)


Hormonal changes and pressure on the rectum can cause a pregnant woman to constipate or have difficulty passing stool.


Change in body weight

Being pregnant will also entail a change in a woman’s body weight as the body carries a baby that will grow and develop to full term weighing as much as 6-9 kilos.


These changes are part of a woman’s reproductive evolution and they can be exciting and scary at the same time. If this is your first time getting pregnant, do not get overwhelmed with these changes as they do not happen all in one go.  There are plenty of resources in the world wide web such as checkpregnancy.com to guide you through your monthly progress during the duration of your pregnancy. You can also pick up more information about your and your baby’s health and what to expect after delivery.

Pregnancy may be a daunting experience especially to those who are just planning or in their first pregnancy. Do not underestimate a woman’s body because it is tougher than what you think you know.


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April 1, 2017

Stop the Hypocrisy!

I show no mercy to people who are hypocrites or in layman’s term, “plastic!” I wonder why there is such a characteristic as vile as being pretentious and all.  Is it too hard to be honest and real?

I am not surprised why a lot (and I mean, A LOT!) of people do not like me. I don’t like putting up a front and treating someone so nicely. I do not pretend I like someone like what these plastic people are doing that the moment that person turns his or her back, he/she has been stabbed a million times only to resurrect him/her and do the vicious cycle all over again. I am not like that. I don’t know how to play that game even if it will benefit me in such a horrible way.  I don’t like it and I don’t have the knack to even entertain such behavior or see people sway with sweet-nothings.


(Photo credit: credit to meetville.com/owner of this quote)


I have met many people in my life and so far, this is the only time I have met some who are outright “plastic.” They shower you with all the “pambobola” (sweet talks) in the world, even calls you “Ate or Manang or Tita” (elder sister/relative) and yet, their true colours come out when you try to bring up something that is very real about character formation. What is that? They cannot stand constructive criticisms when they are the subject and yet they hand out those like flyers in a market. I’d rather you don’t call me with those respectful terms when they do not mean anything to you.  Stop the BS!

It is also very disrespectful to me who is being real so you, plastic people, know where to stand. But to treat me and the ones I love like dirt bags in my own territory is crossing the line.

I wonder how people stand other people who are like that? I cannot fathom the wiliness of such attitude. Is it genetics? Is it environmental influence? Is it the lack of education to behave properly and accept the truth? What ever it is, it is so deceiving and outright bad.  If you cannot be real, then get out of my way!



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March 27, 2017

DJ Mixer

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I have been seeing plenty of gadgets lined up in our sofa every now and then. I wonder what they are used for but I am certainly sure they are for my brother-in-law and cousin who are both into deejaying. One thing that catches my attention is the DJ mixer. It has plenty of knobs, switches, and what-have-yous to improve your musical experience through the mixing of various tunes. I am not sure where they bought their DJ mixer. I wonder if they got it from the best numark mixdeck at Musicians Friend. Musicians Friend has plenty of mixers to offer for DJs out there.

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March 15, 2017